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Are you looking for a 9th Class Pak Study Paper Pairing Scheme? You are on the right page. Here we have uploaded the Class 9 Pak Studies pairing scheme which is equally beneficial for all the boards of Punjab.
These Punjab Boards are BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE DG Khan, BISE Faisalabad, and BISE Jammu and Kashmir. This article is being released by ilmkhoj.pk for your guidance. You can also get the best quality ninth class Pak study peering scheme in PDF format which will be very helpful for you to get high marks in the exam.

Textbook for 9th Class Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) 2023 for Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board is now available for online study for Matric Class Part 1. Students can get this book online to read Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) 2023 during the academic year and they can download their book Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) online to cover the syllabus.

9TH CLASS PAKISTAN STUDIES: 2023                      TOTAL MARKS: 50


Q.1      MULTIPLE CHOICE                                                                     MARKS: 10


SHORT QUESTIONS:                                                                    TOTAL MARKS: 40

2.         Write short answers to any Six (6) questions                                            MARKS:12


3.         Write short answers to any Six (6) questions.                                          MARKS: 12



Note:   Attempt any Two Questions.                                          8 x 2 = 16

4.CHAPTER NO. 1:Marks:  8
5.CHAPTER NO.2:Marks:  8
6.(A)CHAPTER NO. 3:Marks:  4
 (B)CHAPTER NO. 4:Marks:  4
Objective TypeSubjective Type
Total Marks10Total Marks40
Time Allowed15  minutesTime Allowed1:45 hrs
Number of MCQs10Number of Questions4
Distribution of MarksEach MCQ of 1 markDistribution of MarksAttempt 6 short questions out of 9 having 12 marks
Total10 MCQs Attempt 6 short questions out of 9 having 12 marks
   Attempt 2 long questions out of 3 having 16 marks. Each question has 8 marks.
  Total40 marks

Can read or students can read this book. Online Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) has been included with the pairing scheme for exam preparation. Grade 9 students can know the number of questions taken from a particular part or chapter of the book for reading Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) and students can know the marking details and types of questions.

According to the 9th Class Pakistan Study Paper Scheme 2023, there are various chapters for students to prepare for the annual examinations which must be prepared. Students have to follow the paper scheme issued by the authorities to know about the pattern. Question distribution is also provided which makes it easier for the student to focus on important areas. This article is being released by ilmkhoj.pk for your guidance. Each year students are provided with a paper scheme that allows them to gain insight into the important questions that students should consider.

Pak Study (Mutala E Pakistan) Paper Scheme 9th Class

Class 9 students can watch Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) video lectures at home and enhance their knowledge. Students can find MCQs, long questions, and short questions so that they can prepare for their exams after the online test and assessment. Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) provides solved exercises, notes, and past papers, which are provided to students for preparation for their final academic exams in 2023. Students can get excellent marks with online study through the published Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) book. Students are asked by the Punjab Board to attend their Pakistan Studies-09 (UM) live classes so that they can learn from interactions with their teachers.

The paper scheme usually varies from year to year so students need to check the updated ones to prepare for the exam. Through the 9th Class Pak Studies Pairing Scheme, candidates can find out about the topics covered in this article. In addition, students can go through a paper scheme to prepare a curriculum in a short time according to the details provided. Students affiliated with Punjab Boards including BISE Lahore, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Faisalabad, BISE DG Khan, BISE Multan, and BISE Bahawalpur have to follow the same 9th Pak Study Pairing Assess.

Matric Part 1 Pairing Scheme 2023

If you are looking for 9th class Pak Studies pairing scheme for 2023 then you are at the right place. Here you can find the 9th class Pak Studies Pairing Scheme for 2023 and you can download it for later use. The 9th Class Pair Scheme 2023 for all subjects has been announced by many officials. Relevant boards of ninth class examinations are going to be held in February. All the examination boards have earlier announced the date sheets for Class IX and X. This article is being released by ilmkhoj.pk for your guidance. Now various authorities are announcing pairing schemes for major subjects to help students prepare for exams. Students who want to excel in exams should prepare for exams according to this pairing scheme for 9th class pack studies. The pairing scheme gives you the shape and idea of ​​the paper. If you are serious about your 9th class exam then I would prefer you to find all the questions according to this pairing scheme and write them down on paper.