Aga Khan University – Introduction and basic information

Aga Khan University

Established in 1983 as Pakistan’s first private university, Aga Khan University is a non-profit organization and agency of the Aga Khan Development Network. Launched in 2000, the university has expanded to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and Afghanistan.

AKU began life as a health science university. It is one of the largest private healthcare providers in Pakistan and East Africa. AKU hospitals were among the first to be recognized by the United States-based Joint Commission International.

More recently, the university has launched programs in teacher education, the study of Muslim civilizations, journalism, early childhood development, and public policy. In the near future, the university plans to launch an undergraduate liberal arts program to educate future leaders in a wide range of fields and establish additional graduate professional schools.

AKU is an “innovator” and a “nationwide role model for high quality higher education and medical care” in Pakistan.
AKU changes nursing profession,
Creating career opportunities for countless women.
AKU research produces knowledge that anyone can access and use to solve important problems.
AKU accepts students on merit, no.
Ability to pay.
AKU publishes more research articles in peer-reviewed, indexed internationally recognized journals than any other university in Pakistan.
Faculty promotions depend on publication in indexed journals, while most medical students have published by the time they graduate.
Aga Khan University accounts for 75% of all biomedical research in Pakistan, while the remaining 25% is shared by all other institutions.

In all the societies where it works, AKU is:

Educated leader. Because a single leader can have a huge impact, we equip our graduates with the skills, perspectives, values ​​, and skills needed to become effective agents of change.

Excellent illustration. In places where resources are scarce, we meet high-quality standards and demonstrate the power of great change. In Pakistan, we are No. 1 in the University of Health Sciences.

Find out what works. One of the world’s leading sources of health and education research, we are creating new knowledge with the potential to save and enhance millions of lives.

Community service Over the past 30 years, our Patient Welfare Program has provided low-cost care to 1.1 million patients over 89 89 million. Our influential Urban Health program, which has helped improve life in squatter settlements in Karachi, is one of many examples of our community service.

Providing access to all. We believe that poverty cannot prevent anyone from getting a quality education, which is why admission to AKU is based on merit regardless of financial need. We also work to find talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds and prepare them for rigorous English language education.

Empower women. About half of our faculty and three out of every five AKU students are women. In addition, our leadership in maternal and child health research is internationally renowned. Providing development opportunities for girls and women will always be one of our top priorities.

Promoting pluralism. Through our research, curriculum, admissions, and culture, we build respect and understanding within religious, ethnic, sectarian, and national boundaries.

Always adds. AKU has a long record of successfully partnering with other organizations, and it has strayed from the path of bridging the gap between the private and public sectors, the developed and developing worlds, urban and rural areas, ideas, and beliefs. Is. Our supporters and partners include the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Norway, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation University of California, San Francisco Johnson & Johnson; World Bank, World Health Organization, and many others


Aga Khan University is an international university, operating on campuses in Central and South Asia, the Great Lakes of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. In Pakistan, the university is an 84-acre campus with a hospital with two on-campus men’s and women’s hostels with a capacity of 300. It has a sports and rehabilitation center which is one of the best Olympic standard swimming pools in Pakistan, cricket practice net, tennis court, indoor gymnasium with wooden floor, squash court, and gym. It has cricket and football fields with jogging tracks.

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