All Programmes Offers Riphah International University Islamabad

The university adopts a very comprehensive approach and has very specific educational policies. The university was established with the mission of producing competent professionals in the fields of medicine, dental sciences, computers, and IT. The Institute is responsible for the intellectual and personality development of the students while promoting moral and ethical values among them. Riphah International University Islamabad Merit List 2023. All Programmes Offers Riphah International University Islamabad

Tuition fee and scholarship

One of the first things everyone considers when getting a master’s degree is the cost of the program. While cost is something that should be considered, you should always be aware of the options available to you when funding your degree. Download your copy of the Scholarship Guide to learn about global scholarships and how to apply for them. All Programmes Offers Riphah International University Islamabad

Riphah International University Islamabad Ranking In Pakistan

Riphah International University is one of the top universities in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is ranked #501-550 in Asian University Rankings 2023

Riphah International University Islamabad Courses Offers 2023-23

Bachelors Courses

BBA Bachelor of Business Administration4 yearsHEC Recognized107,031
BSc Biomedical Engineering4 yearsHEC Recognized159,967
BS Media Studies4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
BS Mass Communication4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy5 yearsHEC Recognized245,205
BS Accounting & Finance4 yearsHEC Recognized84,080
BS Statistics4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
BS Public Policy & Governance4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
BSc Electrical Engineering4 yearsHEC Recognized134,100
PHARM D5 yearsHEC Recognized212,073
DPT Doctor of Physiotherapy5 Years yearsHEC Recognized209,000 per semester
BS Mathematics4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
BS Physics4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
BS Film Production4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A

Masters Courses

MBA Master of Business Administration2 yearsHEC Recognized114,276
Master in Engineering Management1.5 yearsHEC Recognized94,812
MS Management Science1.5 yearsHEC Recognized114,276
MS Project Management1.5 yearsHEC Recognized108,900
MS Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy2 yearsHEC Recognized117,661
MS Neuromuscular Physical Therapy2 yearsHEC Recognized117,661
MS Sports Physical Therapy2 yearsHEC Recognized103,057
MS Speech-Language Pathology2 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
MS Media Studies2 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
MS Biomedical Engineering2 yearsHEC Recognized79,309
MS Healthcare Management1.5 yearsHEC Recognized86,784

M. Phil Courses

MPhil Mathematics2 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
MPhil Statistics2 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
MPhil Public Policy1.5 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
MPhil Pharmacology2-4 yearsHEC Recognized158,243
MPhil Pharmaceutics2-4 yearsHEC Recognized169,992
MPhil Pharmaceutical Chemistry2-4 yearsHEC Recognized169,992
MPhil Physics2 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
M.Phil Pharmacognosy2-4 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A

Ph. D Courses

PhD Management Science3 yearsHEC Recognized145,414
PhD Electrical Engineering3-5 yearsHEC Recognized84,214
PhD Mathematics3-6 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
PhD Statistics3 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
PhD Physics3-6 yearsHEC RecognizedN/A
PhD Pharmaceutics3 yearsHEC Recognized190,030
PhD Physiology3-5 yearsHEC Recognized157,672
PhD Chemical Pathology3-5 yearsHEC Recognized157,67