BA Registration & Admission Fee, Virtual University 2023 – 2024

Tuition fee rates are fixed and independent of the number of courses taught in a semester. Security, admission, and registration fees are charged once at the beginning of the first semester. The remaining charges are payable quarterly. The security fee is refundable on completion of the degree or in case of withdrawal from the University.

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Virtual University BA Fee Structure For Regular Students

Admission FeeRs.3,000/-
Registration FeeRs.2,500/-
Security Fee (Refundable)Rs.2,000/-
Admission Form Processing FeeRs.500/-
Enrollment Fee per SemesterRs.1,000/-
Tuition Fee per Credit HourRs.7500/-
Tuition Fee (based on total theory credits of the program)Rs.45,000/-
Convocation Fee (one-time mandatory)Rs.2,000/-
Fee Collection Charges per SemesterRs.100/-
Endowment Fund FeeRs.1,000/-
Total Fee (Inclusive security amount)Rs.60,400/-
Total Fee (Exclusive security amount)Rs.58,400/-
Fee payable at the time of admissionRs.11,350/-

Virtual University Zero Semester Fee Structure (Regular Students)

Admission FeeRs.3,000/-
Tuition Fee 2nd Installment (Payable Within 2-Months)Rs.3,750/-
Admission Form Processing FeeRs.500/-
Fee Collection Charges per SemesterRs.100/-
Total Fee (Inclusive security amount)Rs.11,000/-
Total Fee (Exclusive security amount)Rs.11,000/-
Fee payable at the time of admissionRs.7,350/-

The dues payment schedule will be notified at the beginning of each semester. The fee will be deposited in the authorized bank branches by the announced date. If a candidate, once offered admission to a degree program, enrolls himself by depositing University fees and subsequently leaves the University under any circumstances, the University fees already deposited by him (Except Security Fee) will not be refunded under any circumstances. Tuition fees and other dues may be refunded to a student only if the University deems the student ineligible for admission for the semester.

University fees for short professional courses and overseas Pakistani students will be notified from time to time. Students falling under any of these categories are requested to check the university website.