Calculate Your Merit COMSATS University Islamabad

COMSATS Merit Calculator 2023-23

Most importantly, COMSATS is one of the most efficient and technical universities in Pakistan. Effectively, it is working for the betterment of education and programs in the country. Moreover, COMSATS opens admission to thousands of students every year. Calculate Your Merit COMSATS University Islamabad

Apart from this, COMSATS has also introduced a merit calculator in the form of a COMSATS merit calculator for aggregate percentages. In addition, the question arises, how to use this method? It is easy to use as students only need to set intermediate and entrance exam results.

Notably, there is an entrance test to get admission to COMSATS. Also, the candidates have to qualify the exam for the final result. Over the years, the qualifications of the institutes have increased a lot. Importantly, students should keep the mark range at the highest peaks for a better future.

COMSATS Merit Calculator

Obtained Marks in HSSC 

Total Marks in HSSC 

Obtained Marks in Matric 

Total Marks in Matric

 Obtained Marks in Entrance

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Importance of COMSATS Merit Calculator

Also, it is helpful for the candidates to know the merit before the clearance test. Effectively, it not only helps them prepare for the exam but also helps them choose their departments. Also, students need the COMSATS Merit Calculator for the final aggregate. Calculate Your Merit COMSATS University Islamabad

Along with the preparation, candidates get a direction as per their merit and what to choose for their future. Moreover, COMSATS has maintained its merit over the years to make a high overall percentage.

How to Calculate COMSATS Merit 2023?

Do you find it difficult to calculate the results of COMSATS? Of course, you don’t need to worry about that. Here, the COMSATS Merit Calculator provides you with all the information and calculations specifically about the total. In addition, you need to know the following information for the overall percentage:

Intermediate Result
Nts score
matric result
Further, the criterion for the distribution of marks in COMSATS is as follows:

NTS 50%
FSC 40%
10% Matric

Note the calculation method is as

  • Obtained FSc marks/ total marks in FSc
  • Obtained marks in Matric/total in Matric
  • NTS got marks/total of NTS

Subjects division marks in NTS

Further, there are overall 90 MCQs in NTS for COMSATS Admissions, generally. Further, each portion has a different marking range. Moreover, the portions are divided as :

  • English
  • Analytical
  • Quantitative
  • Subjects

Furthermore, the subjects are the following:

  • Physics 10
  • Chemistry 10
  • 10 Mathematics

Mainly the quantitative portion covers:

  • Arithmetic 13
  • Algebra 4
  • Geometry 3

Further, analytical covers:

  • Scenario-based questions 12
  • Statements 8


I conclude that COMSATS Merit Calculator determines the exact aggregate percentage of the final results. Also, candidates must calculate their marks as it guides them to avail the best education opportunities. Moreover, the COMSATS Merit is getting higher day by day so candidates must focus on their curricular activities.