Computer Science Paper Scheme 2023 All Boards 12th Class

2nd Year Computer Science Fresh Pairing Scheme Paper Pattern 2023

Computer Science 12th class pairing scheme get online free from here and prepare your final exams on all bise Punjab boards. Those students who were asking about the Computer part two final exams pairing scheme are suggested to go below at the end of this page from where they will get the Computer Science part two pairing scheme. ICS students who are studying in part two, are now capable to get a Computer subject 2nd-year final exams pairing scheme online free. Students can also download the computer science inter 12th class pairing scheme online in order to read out the computer science pairing scheme later.

12th Class Computer Science Paper Scheme 2023

The Board of Education provides all the necessary facilities to the students to help them get the best score in their examinations. Largely, pairing schemes help students learn. Many teachers and educators urge students to use the second-year duo scheme 2023 while preparing for the exams.

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For each subject, there is a paper scheme. For example, in Computer Studies there is a paper scheme which notes all the subjects which have to be studied before taking the exams. Students have to keep a lot of information about different subjects throughout the year, so the second-year paper scheme 2023 helps students to focus on the important parts of a particular subject that need to be studied. Is.


Chapter NumberMCQSChapter NumberMCQsChapter NumberMCQs

Short Questions

Question No.2

Attempt Any 6 Questions Out of 9

Chapter NumberShort QuestionChapter NumberShort Question

Question No.3

Attempt Any 6Questions Out of 9

Chapter NumberShort QuestionChapter NumberShort Question

Question No.4

Attempt Any 6 Questions Out of 9

Chapter NumberShort Question

Long Question ( Attempt any 3 out of 5)

Note = Attempt Any One

Question No#5


Question No#6


Note = Attempt Any Two

Question No# 7From Chapter#8 (Descriptive)Question No# 8From Chapter#11 (Descriptive)Question No# 9From Chapter#12 (Program)


The unique meaning of the pairing scheme is that it is an awareness for the students in which they came up with ideas about the chapters. The pairing scheme aims to help students who can’t finish the whole book but still want to get good grades. The Pairing scheme can be beneficial for the students and you will definitely know which question will come out of which chapter in the final exam. But it is up to the final exam teacher’s designer to change the pairing scheme in the eleventh hour.

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The computer world is full of vast and complex details that are impossible to teach in one course. All the important concepts that a new computer science student should study have been provided in this course of the Board of Punjab. Topics include interesting topics such as introduction to computer systems, various components of computer systems and their related functions, data processing, programming languages, major computer applications, and more. There is also a list of practicals listed in the second-year Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2023. Topics you need to study are the Pairing Scheme 2023 2nd Air Computer Science, which is linked to this web page below.

2nd Year Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2023

The Boards of Education provide this pair of 12th class 2023 to the students before the commencement of the annual examinations of the students. If you are looking for the latest pairing scheme 2nd-year pdf then you have come to the right place. We have all the other year pair scheme 2023 different according to the Punjab board articles, you just need to click one button and you will be taken to the second year Pairing Scheme 2023 pdf download.