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Student Affairs Office at COMSAT

Virtual Campus’s Office of Student Affairs is a friendly place to start for any academic and academic issues you may have. The Student Affairs staff can help you succeed in your academic goals. Feel free to call, email, or make an appointment with a staff member to get the information and support you need. COMSATS University Islamabad Help Desk For Students


Performs the following functions/responsibilities:
student counselling
Receiving student applications for academic as well as non-academic issues
Provision of Certificate (Certificate of Character and English Proficiency)
Information/Question Center for Students
Contact with parents/parents
Facilitates clearance, transcript and issuance of degrees of graduates.
student fee issues
Issue of Exam Admission Coupons
student refund
sibling concessions

Fee Process for New Admission 2023

You have to pay your dues on time to continue your studies. The semester fee details along with the submission deadline for both the sessions (spring and fall) are given on the online fee voucher. Please transfer the semester fee early, as it should reach the university account within the registration deadline. COMSATS University Islamabad Help Desk For Students

Check Admission Details on the Website
Select the desired entry area
Deposit Admission Processing Fee Rs. 2500/- in CUI Training Fund Account (01261000952324)
Deposit the NTS fee of Rs.700/- in the HBL account mentioned on the NTS fee slip
Upload both the paid slips on the admission portal

Note: Please note, that successful candidates will receive an email from CUI WOW Admission Office along with a fee challan. Submit the Fee Challan to your nearest Askari Bank branch and TCS Admission Office copy and Account Office copy to COMSATS Wah campus address.

Provide a printed voucher to the cashier
Request to enter fee through challan number
give cash
get payment voucher
TCS gave paid vouchers to the Admissions Office, CUI Wah.
Note: Please refrain from transferring charges by credit cards, ATMs and mobile apps etc. Only Admission Processing Fee can be deposited through Mobile and Online Banking App, Semester Fee and Admission Fee will not be considered if submitted through Mobile.

Fee Process for Already Admitted Students

Please visit your for the amount to be paid and payment details. Log in with your registration number and password and go to the fees section. There you can find your personal payment details and the amount to be paid for the semester. Please do not add anything to these payment details; Otherwise, your payment may not be allocated.
Login ID
semester fee challan
print voucher
Visit the nearest Askari Bank branch
deposit fee
Courier account copy in account office
Note: Active taxpayers can remove the advance tax fee from the voucher with the condition that they provide proof (Student Name: Student Registration #: Father/ Mother Name: Father/ Mother’s CNIC #) through email before Issuance of Fee Voucher from Accounts Office at

COMSATS University Islamabad Help Desk For Students For Admission 2023


Contact Information:

Office Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday)Email: Address:

CUI Virtual Campus, Park Road, Tarlai Kalan,
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone : +92 51-90495914