Directorate of Education Baltistan Result 9th 10th Class 2023

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Gilgit-Baltistan Educational Management Information System (GBEMIS) has been working in the Education Department since 1998. The main objective of GBEMIS is to collect and compile education statistics, maintain a provincial education database, and set standards for improving the quality of education data. And provide technical support to Divisional and District EMIS to enhance their ability to create and maintain MIS reports.

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Gilgit-Baltistan will have a dynamic, efficient, effective, and equitable education system with gender equality at all levels that provides access to high-quality education to all children from ECD to 10th class. Overall development and adorned with them. Relevant knowledge, survival skills, attitudes, and values ​​so that they can communicate effectively and become members of society in a rapidly changing world.

This system enables individuals and society to integrate emerging knowledge and technology, connect all its internal elements to the wider external environment, maximize the potential of human resources and use all social forces as education. Will be responsible for needs. Achieving sustainable development is a top priority

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Educational institutions will promote academic excellence by providing exciting learning opportunities, challenging academically fast individuals, and accelerating academic challenges. They will encourage trust and make the learning environment safe and welcoming, stimulate intellectual curiosity and demonstrate good governance, legitimacy and authority, transparency, and accountability.