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Matric Past Papers Multan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. (BISE) is a governing body that conducts, evaluates, and announces 10th class results. The date sheet is announced two months before the exams. The use of computers in improving the process of testing and verification so that the results are fair and without bias.

Old Papers History Of Islam

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Matric Past Paper of Islamiat History for Multan Board

This page presents the creations of Middle Urdu of the early 10th Class on Islamic history. These documents contain all the questions that have come up in the board exams for the last five years. They provide students with a filter that allows them to narrow down important parts of their curriculum. This increases the chances of passing the exam. Previous documents of all other subjects of 10th Class Urdu medium are also available on They can be accessed via the link: Past Matriculation Papers. Past exams are an excellent tool for exam preparation as they separate the questions that have a chance to appear in the final exam.

History of Islam Past documents of 10th class Multan is provided here for the students. Click on the relevant links to download the document. Past Papers of History of Islam 10th Class Bise Multan. Past Papers of History of Islam 10th Class Bise Multan.

Matric 10th Class Past Papers Islamic History has provided the above documents for all the subjects of the 10th class examinations. To make it easier for students, we’ve provided past projects each year in PDF format, so you can download the full project with one click. In addition, the past papers of each article are provided on one page so you do not have to search or navigate multiple pages. We believe that students’ time and data are invaluable, so we are providing you with all the 10th Class Chemistry Federal Board papers on one page.

Most students do not pay much attention to their Islamic studies because it is a very simple subject. But the actual day of the test. They find it very difficult to solve the objective type of examination and this weak point is the reason for their low marks in the examination of Islamic sciences. Therefore, please note that students should dedicate all their time to choosing Islam, both objective and thematic.