Jazz Advance Balance Code, Jazz Udhar Lene Ka Tarika

Get Some Advance Credit on Your Jazz Sim

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Jazz Advance enables customers to get an advance balance whenever their balance falls below Rs 100. This service is for prepaid customers only.

What is Jazz Advance?
Jazz Advance gives you an advance of Rs. 15. If your balance is less than Rs.

How do I get Jazz Advance?
To get Jazz Advance, just dial * 112 # from your Jazz prepaid number, and when your balance is less than Rs 100 you will get Rs 15 Advance in your account anytime in the next 4 hours.

When will advance and service charges be deducted?
Once you get Jazz Advance, Rs. 20 will be deducted from your next recharge.

What happens when I dial * 112 #?
I do not subscribe to Jazz Advance in condition notification and have a balance of less than Rs. 100. Customer subscribes.

You have received an advance of Rs. For the next 4 hours, after paying the previous advance, whenever the balance is Rs. 100, you will get an advance of Rs. 15, Rs. Advance will be given.

“Your application will be valid. For the next 4 hours, after paying the previous advance, whenever there is a balance of Rs. 100, the APO will get an advance of Rs. 15, Rs. 4.60 + tax” Recharge

“You’ve already been paid in advance. Is the facility being used better and a later advance is being paid”

“You are already using Jazz Advance service” Customers will get the following notification when the advance will be transferred to their account “Rs 15 has been transferred to your account.” The next recharge will be Rs 15 per return and service charges will be Rs 4.60 + tax.

How much progress can I make at a time?
You can receive only 2 advances of Rs. 15 (each) till the time of next recharge within the period of subscription.

What is Jazz Advance Subscription?
Once you subscribe to Jazz Advance, the service will be available for the next 4 hours and you can receive an advance whenever your balance falls below Rs. 100, provided the previous advance is returned. Go

Will I automatically receive an advance after 4 hours without my consent?
No, you need to dial * 112 # to get Jazz Advance. Jazz Advance is provided only when you need and request it.

How can I get a loan of more than Rs 15 at a time?
If your credit and recharge history is good in Jazz, you will be upgraded to get a loan of Rs. 30 with a service tax of Rs. 7.50.