What do you know about Pakistani brand Khaadi?

Khaadi is one of the few Pakistani clothing brands known for its strong international influence. The first store was opened in Karachi’s Zamzama in 1999, Its products have always been appreciated by all ages. With different styles, reasonable prices and great shape, Khadi has always attracted people of all ages. Khaadi fabrics are available in many sizes and pieces. Moreover, in terms of colors, khaadi is also very rich which offers its fans vibrant colors and bright designs.

Khaadi has emerged as a successful clothing brand in Pakistan, which is very affordable. They have numerous collections such as sewn, formal dress, and more. On the other hand, the starting price is about to fall, just Rs 1,800 for such a well-known clothing brand. See the latest deals.

Khaadi appointed Ertugrul Ghazi famed Esra Bilgiç as its Brand Ambassador for their “Esra Bilgiç X Khaadi” series.


Twenty years ago, the founder and CEO, Shimon Sultan, opened the first khadi store in a small shop in Zamzama. The idea of ​​a khaadi-like shop was in the mind of this pioneer, pure patriot, old memories of old handicraft crafts.

Khaadi, the brand, always had roots but had an ambitious spirit. Always changing, evolving and expanding. Until 2002, it was making women’s clothing and soon in 2008 it spread to women’s luxury clothing with Khadi Khas. Innovative and experimental, Khadi introduced furniture, bed sheets, bags, accessories, shoes and soon became a full-fledged lifestyle brand.

In just two decades, Shimon Sultan’s 400-square-foot store has grown into a 44-store enterprise spread across 17 cities in Pakistan. Making a mark on the ground and online – Khadi has now spread to four countries around the world. Despite the rapid and colorful change of brand, one thing remained constant: the love of khaadi craft and the effort to keep it alive.

Design philosophy has always been about color, crafts, culture and heritage. Khaadi has been inspired around the world to become a global ethnic brand. Every piece that has a khadi label has a handicraft in it and its history is woven and woven into the fabric of its soul.

Brand’s Root Strength

Brand Foundation – Khaadi Fakhr is Pakistani, respects tradition and makes fashion accessible to all. Khaadi offers the best value for money and is a beautiful blend of modernity and tradition, with its wide range of colors and modern designs.

Brand Story

The differences in khaadi are what make it unique, and it is important for the brand that people can easily and confidently share every aspect of themselves with the world. Khadi was based on the belief that the clothes you choose allow you to wear your own uniqueness. Since its inception, it has made it possible for women to dress in an impressive, dynamic, affordable way – while celebrating their individuality with every style, sewing and weaving.

Born out of a proud tradition, Khaadi’s unparalleled selection of ever-changing patterns and colors always pushes the boundaries of Pakistan’s fashion culture. By giving every woman more freedom of choice in her everyday wardrobe, she can easily remove the ever-opening layers of her kaleidoscopic personality in her own way and at the right time.

Moving Forward

Khaadi is a balance of modernity and tradition. Modernity comes through individuality and a variety of designs and patterns. It frees women from choosing a style that reflects their individuality, and gives them the confidence to express different aspects of their personality through their fashion choices.