Lahore Board 10th Class Islamiat Elective Past Papers

Previous documents of Lahore Board are a source of information about examinations. Most of the time, students are unfamiliar with the paper model and other rules and regulations related to the final exam. By reviewing the past papers, one can get a complete idea of ​​what models the reviewers use to explain the final papers. Furthermore, when you look at the old raster papers of 2018, you will know what the scoring scheme of the paper is, how the paper is divided into different sections, and especially through the past papers, You will know which papers are which. Important. Program Sections To get a full idea of ​​your program, you should recommend going through the guide. For this facility, students are provided with textbooks for 10th class Islamic studies and textbooks for other subjects.

10th Class Islamiat Elective Past Papers Bise Lahore Board Updated

All the students who are looking for previous academic papers are welcome here as the previous academic papers of the 10th Lahore Board class have been uploaded on this page. Students who have enrolled under the Middle and Secondary Education Board, BISE Lahore can only find past matriculation papers here. However, students of other school boards spread across Pakistan can also find old documents of Bahawalpur Board, old documents of DG Khan Board, and all other documents. After searching your respective school board on At the matriculation level, students are divided into two main categories.

Students are categorized as Science Group students and Art Group students. Students who choose Art Group Studies are offered a range of elective and elective subjects to choose from. Students should be informed that in addition to academic subjects, they can also find old Punjabi 10th class papers, old general mathematics matriculation papers and old papers of other subjects which they are studying. not only offers you a service of past papers.

In addition, students can find other helpful materials to get a good level of practice. To this end, students have access to 10th Class online textbooks, 10th Class online video lectures, and other useful materials from PTB. The students added that these support documents could be for all subjects other than the previous ones, such as 10th Class online books on Islamic studies, 10th Class online books. Other topics like Pak Studies etc. are uploaded here for the convenience of students.

Matric Part 1 Class Past Papers Lahore Board

Tenth-grade students whether they are studying at Science or Arts level can get help for Lahore Board Final Examinations. In this regard, past papers are one of the most permanent methods of preparation. has uploaded past papers of the 10th class from 2004 to 2019 to Lahore Board. All students wishing to appear for the 2019 Final Examinations can seek help by searching past 2019 papers. Expected questions will appear in the exams. The 10th class papers of all the subjects of the BISE Lahore Board for the year 2019 are available on These papers will give you insight and knowledge to solve the questions in the annual exams.

Matriculation students can find tenth papers in almost all subjects. However, here on this page, they are only going to entertain with the past papers of the 10th class of Punjabi subject. But, by easily browsing, they can also find past papers of Pak Study Matric, Lahore 10th class Islamic papers, and all other subjects. Download PDF Punjabi Past Papers and why we have Past Papers as the most helpful material. With the help of the 10th Past Punjabi Past Papers Lahore Board, you can get a real idea of ​​how. The paper setting was by the examiner and what are the possible ways to perform well and get maximum marks.