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10th Class Biology Solved MCQs With Answer for Biology All Chapters Full Book English & Urdu Medium

Biology is the most important branch of science subject. It covers a maximum of topics of studies. Mostly, the topics biology covers are related to life. How did life come into existence? It is the major point of discussion in Biology. The subject is taught at both school and college levels. Moreover, the subject is also taught at the higher education level. At the matric level students are allowed to choose the subjects of their own choice. Students who have chosen the subject of biology are informed that it is not an easy deal to cover the subject of biology. They are to be suggested to work hard from the beginning point.

Important Short Questions and MCQs Guess For 2023 Exams Of Biology Subject

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10th Class Biology Solved MCQS Chapter 1

The amount of oxygen in expired air is:





In humans and other higher animals, the exchange of gases is carried out by:



Air passageway


Power of speaking is only gifted to:


Human being



A thick muscular layer beneath lungs is called:





When the World no tobacco day is celebrated?



None of these

31 June

A cough, mild wheezing, fever chills and shortness of breath are symptoms of:





The rate of breathing during exercise or other hard:= physical work is:

20-30 times

40-50 times

10-20 times

30-40 times

No. of bronchi in the air passageway are:





Glottis is a narrow opening at the floor of:




Nasal cavity

In humans which process occurs in alveoli?

Gaseous Exchange




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Biology is a subject of studying bout the science of all living things, their behavior, structure, origin, reproduction, and interrelationships. Biology is being taught in all schools and colleges.

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