Suzuki WagnR Latest Price In Pakistan Check Online

Suzuki WagnR Best Selling Car in Pakistan.

With a long sloping stand, imposing shape and design, which meets your practical needs and gives an impression that lasts. Its tall boy design makes it suitable for all ages and genders.
A practical car does not need to be compromised on the spot because we understand that your needs are diverse and you need to adjust a lot. It is the longest in its class. Its openness, safety features, and AGS transmission ensure fuel efficiency and comfort for you and your family which makes your daily walk a pleasant experience.
The Wagon RK-Series is equipped with an engine with unparalleled fuel efficiency and a drive that is smooth, silent, and powerful. With a fuel-efficient car like the Wagon R, there will be no reason to stop driving.

The dashboard panel has an integrated media player with a wide 9 ”MP5 capacitive multi-touch screen that you can easily use while driving. It has a screen mirroring option, Bluetooth calling, auxiliary cable, USB, and SD card support functions.
This allows the windows of the car to be kept open in case of light rain so that you can enjoy the rain and at the same time make sure that the windshields of the car do not get foggy due to moisture.

Suzuki WagnR Latest Price in Pakistan

WagonR VXR PKR 1,877,000/-
WagonR VXL PKR 1,975,000/-
WagonR AGS PKR 2,158,000/-