Ufone 2nd Number, Ek Sim Pe 2 Numbers, Ufone Dusra Number Code

Get second number on your current Ufone sim, Ek sim pe 2 number estemal kren.

Ufone is now offering this unique service, which allows its customers to run two Ufone numbers on one SIM. This feature may be useful for people who have two numbers at a time, perhaps one for personal use and the other for business use.

With this service, you will get a virtual number on your real number. Meaning two numbers on one SIM. With a double number, you can switch off your business number while keeping your other number open to family and friends or run two businesses with just one SIM.

How to use this service:

It’s easy to subscribe to this service. There are several ways to subscribe to this service:

Send SUB to 660.
Dial * 66 # from your Ufone number.

Once you subscribe to the service, the system will randomly select a useless number from the double-digit inventory. An SMS will be sent to your number:
For example: If your assigned double number is 03335100011 and you want to call 03331234567, you will dial 6603331234567. The recipient will receive the number from 03335100011.

Similarly, to send an SMS to 03331234567, you will type an SMS and send it with the previous “66”.

Type the message: “How are you?” And send it to 6603331234567.

The recipient will receive an SMS from 03335100011.

Both customers can talk to each other while billing will be done on a per-minute basis.
If he wants to call or SMS 03331234567 03335100011, the user will just dial 03335100011 and the call / SMS will be sent to 03335100012 (primary number).

The following are additional features of the service that can be accessed via IVR 660.