Virtual University (VU) Bachelors Past Papers in PDF

Virtual University, Pakistan’s first university-based entirely on modern information and communication technologies, was established by the government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution with the express mission of providing highly affordable education to students across the country. To provide world-class education.

You can get the maximum marks in the exams at Virtual university by preparing the Vu past papers. These papers will help you score above 60% in all subjects.
Past Papers can be get from VU. They include both subjective and objective papers. Our library contains a wide range of past papers from virtual universities. Students can also get Vu-solved papers.
You can get all VU past papers for every subject of BS (Computer Science), BS (Information Technology), BS (Business Administration), BS (Public Administration), BS (Accounting and Finance), BS (Commerce), BS (Mass Communication), BS (Psychology), MCS (Master of Computer Science), MIT (Master of Information Technology), MBA (Master of Business Administration).
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VU Subject Wise Solved Past Papers :

  • CS101
  • PAK301
  • ENG101
  • MGT101
  • MTH101
  • CS301
  • CS302
  • CS304
  • CS401
  • CS403
  • CS501
  • CS502

Virtual University Degree-wise Past Papers :

  • BSC
  • BSCS
  • BSSE
  • BSIT
  • ADCN
  • ADDM
  • ADWD
  • ADE
  • BA
  • BAMC
  • BAP
  • BBIT
  • BSBA
  • BSCom
  • BSAF
  • BSBF
  • BSM
  • BSMA
  • BSMC
  • BSPA
  • BSCE
  • BSCM
  • BSCStat
  • BSBio
  • BSBTech
  • BSP

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